Apr 062016

Yglesias: Honan bill possible cure for urban housing crisis
by Rus Lodi

APRIL 6, 2016 --- Matthew Yglesias, who writes about economics and housing for, has picked up on last week's Commonwealth Magazine online article by MHP's Clark Ziegler and MHP board chair Chris Oddleifson.

Ziegler and Oddleifson, president and CEO of Rockland Trust, penned the piece as another installment in MHP's Unlock the Commonwealth initiative.

Yglesias tweeted on Tuesday that the article's policy suggestions were a prescription for "how to Make Massachusetts Great Again".

He came back today with an article that said the housing bill sponsored by state Rep. Kevin Honan "offers a glance at what a solution to the housing crisis gripping the U.S. is likely to look like."


Some of the ingredients of Honan's bill were recommended in MHP's 2014 report "Unlock the Commonwealth."

This study found that Massachusetts was losing innovation workers to other regions that were producing more housing. The report offered several policy recommendations to help the state build more housing.

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